Secluded Vermont Women’s Weight Loss Retreat Voted Best Small Spa Internationally

Ludlow, Vermont (PRWEB) September 20, 2005

The ‘Real Beauty’ Dove campaign has recently brought attention to a perspective that a women’s healthy weight loss retreat in Vermont has quietly been espousing for over 33 years. Real women don’t look like those on the pages of fashion magazines, and only by accepting yourself can you let your real beauty shine through.

That philosophy, along with a supportive, hands-on program that helps women successfully adopt healthy lifestyles and achieve healthy weights, is why readers voted Green Mountain at Fox Run, a women’s retreat for healthy living without dieting, Best Small Spa.

Spa Finder, the world’s leading spa travel and marketing company, recently announced their Reader’s Choice Crystal Awards in Singapore. According to Spa Finder Chairman and CEO, Pete Ellis, the winning spas reflect the tastes of discerning spa-goers who travel the world in search of the finest spa experiences for relaxation and wellness. “To be selected as one of the world’s best spas by these discerning spa-goers is an objective validation of a truly world-class spa experience.”

Executive Director of Green Mountain at Fox Run, Alan Wayler PhD, suggested why the award came his way, “We have always believed we provide something unique here. When women are finally serious about achieving healthy weights, feeling good and making long term changes, they find their way here,” says Dr. Wayler.

Each year Green Mountain at Fox Run attracts more than a thousand women of all ages, shapes and sizes who come to learn their groundbreaking, time tested, non-diet approach to weight loss and to start feeling good again. Past participant, Amy Robert says, “For me, the Green Mountain difference was about how they helped me see myself. Within a few days, my whole perspective changed. I lost weight eating real food and exercised in a way that I actually enjoyed. It wasn’t torture, because it was right for me. I wish all women could have the experience.”

Spa Finder adds, “This women-only spa specializes in weight loss without the use of fad diets. They came out on top for that and for their emotionally supportive staff and comprehensive take home program. This positive atmosphere, wrote several voters, helped them maintain their new healthy lifestyle habits at home.”

About Green Mountain at Fox Run

Green Mountain at Fox Run healthy lifestyle center, in Ludlow, VT, has helped thousands of women to get fit, healthy, and happy—and permanently achieve healthy weights without dieting by developing real, lasting solutions. The year 2005 marks its 33rd year helping women feel good again. For more information, call (800) 448-8106 (North America) (802) 228 88885 (International) or visit

To learn more about Green Mountain, and it all-women’s specialty programs on weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes management and Young Women’s program, visit our website at, our blog at, or call 1-800-448-8106. For interviews, please contact Cindy Bishop at (802) 228-8885 or

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Women’s Sexual Health Expert Lisa Martinez to Speak at 2007 Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo

WomanToronto, ON (PRWEB) December 12, 2006

The 2007 Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo has tapped leading women’s sexual health expert, Lisa Martinez, RN/JD, and executive director of The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation, to speak about the critical lack of knowledge among women regarding vital sexual health issues. The Expo will be held January 19-20th, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Canada.


The presentation, entitled “Women’s Sexual Health: What No One Tells Us,” will address the number of medical health conditions that impact women’s sexual health, and the critical lack of awareness of this issue among women, their families, partners, and caregivers.


In the lecture, Ms. Martinez will examine the effect of medications, cancer, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, pelvic surgeries, high blood pressure and other medical conditions on women’s sexual health, “There is a tremendous knowledge gap regarding these well-known medical conditions, and the dramatic impact these illnesses can have on women’s sexual health,” said Ms. Martinez. “The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation is pleased to share this important information with the attendees of the 2007 Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo.”


Not only will attendees learn how these medical conditions affect them, they will receive valuable insight on what they can do to improve sexual functioning, how to speak frankly with their medical care giver about the situation, and a reference list of additional resources.


The 2007 Women’s Health Matters Forum & Expo with an expected attendance of 22,000, and sponsored by the New Women’s College Hospital has been named ” the most important women’s health event of the year,” and will offer attendees a full agenda of valuable information, frank insight, and answers to questions regarding their health. For more information, visit


For more information about The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation, please visit, or email info @ .


About The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation


TWSHF is an international non-profit organization whose primary mission is to educate the public and healthcare professionals on women’s sexual health. The Foundation has numerous resources for the public and healthcare professionals at, including educational brochures in English, German, and Spanish and The Women’s Sexual Health Journal for members. The Foundation just completed its second annual Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) and Health Symposium for healthcare professionals and students on April 22, 2006 in New York City in conjunction with the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. A Women’s Sexual Health Event: Reclaiming Healthy Intimacy, Passion and Pleasure for the public is being planned for September 18, 2007 in New York City with Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. For further information e-mail info @


About The Women’s Sexual Health Journal


The Women’s Sexual Health Journal is an on-line quarterly journal available through The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation. It contains personal stories about women and their sexual health difficulties, and articles on sexual medicine, health, and research topics that receive little attention in medical schools and healthcare providers’ training. For more information about the journal go to


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More Women Health Info Press Releases

WakeMed Health Park Hosts Speaking Of Women?s Health Kick-Off Event

RALEIGH, NC (PRWEB) June 28, 2006 -?

Tobi Bowen, development and marketing director for Resources for Seniors, Inc., a service provider for seniors and the disabled, has announced that there will be a kick-off event on July 13 at WakeMed Health Park from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. to plan the December 9 Speaking of Women?s Health day-long conference. Sponsor representatives, steering committee members, prospective sponsors, key community leaders, and the media are all invited to attend the event where tasks and planning will be discussed and preparations made for the December 9 event.


?I am eager to start planning for the Women?s health conference,? said Bowen. ?A woman?s health is important, especially as more and more women are balancing their personal challenges with family and business matters.?


About Resources for Seniors, Inc.:


Resources for Seniors, Inc. (RFS) is a Wake County based non-profit organization founded in 1973. Serving as the Council on Aging for Wake County, RFS employs nearly 170 employees and serves over 28,000 clients annually. The mission of Resources for Seniors, Inc. is to provide home and community based services so that disabled and senior adults can maximize their independence for as long as possible while remaining in their homes. We are committed to excellence in service and care for individuals, families and their community. For more information on Resources for Seniors, Inc. call 919-872-7933 or visit:


About Speaking of Women?s Health:


The National Speaking of Women?s Health Foundation is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose mission is ?to educate women to make informed decisions about their health, well-being and personal safety.? Founded in 1996, Speaking of Women?s Health

Speaking Of Women?s Health Seeks Community Investment Award Recipients and Honoree Nominations

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) August 27, 2006

Speaking of Women?s Health, a daylong event focusing on women?s health, well-being and personal safety, has announced that they are now accepting applications for the 2006 Speaking of Women?s Health community investment grants and honoree nominations. The investment grant award winners and honorees will be announced at the Speaking of Women?s Health conference on Dec. 9 at the North Raleigh Hilton. Nominations for grants are due by Sept. 1 and honoree nominations are due by Sept. 20.

Local non-profit organizations that educate women or enhance the quality of women?s health, well-being and personal safety are encouraged to apply for the investment grants. Funds for start-up organizations will not be awarded. To apply, visit the Speaking of Women?s Health web site at

Honoree nominations should reflect someone who has enhanced the quality of life in the local community through efforts in women?s health, well-being and personal safety. Nominations, including the nominee?s name, address, occupation, professional affiliations and a description of why she should be honored by Speaking of Women?s Health, must be sent to: Tobi Bowen, Resources for Seniors, Inc., 1110 Navaho Drive, Suite 400, Raleigh, NC 27609.

?The Community Investment Grant program enables us to further the Speaking of Women?s Health mission by awarding funds to worthwhile organizations,? said Erika Mangrum, co-chair of the event?s executive committee. ?It is also an honor to recognize the accomplishments of special women as honorees. We are pleased to be able to support those who provide exceptional services to the women of the Triangle.?

About Speaking of Women?s Health:

The National Speaking of Women?s Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose mission is ?to educate women to make informed decisions about their health, well-being and personal safety.? Founded in 1996, Speaking of Women?s Health

Women’s Issues Regarding Mental Health

The lives of most people involve some joy and some pain. The latter has a tendency to affect mental health. Some tragedies including domestic violence, assault, or loss of a loved one can cause this pain. Fortunately, there are techniques and people to turn to in times of tragedy like this. Having someone to talk to who may change your perspective about the matter and thinking about the positive aspects can be of benefit, as well as talking over the best solutions to such problems. One factor which may also affect mental health for women is the change in physical health. The change in hormone levels due to the monthly cycle can affect mood and cause irritation and tearfulness.

In the developed world, women represent about 65 percent of patients in mental institutions. There are two common explanations of this situation. One is the social factors, women are more likely to be diagnosed to have a mental illness because of sex-role stereotyping, which presumes that women are prone to emotional stress because of social factors specific to their gender role. The other factor is that women can find themselves more anxious, depressed or fearful. Womens disadvantaged social status can sometimes generate a greater level of mental health problems.

Certain mental health disorders are more prevalent in women. Disorders includes: depression, anxiety and specific phobias, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), eating disorder, and Schizophrenia. Depression is thought to be the most common mental disorder. The number of women diagnosed to have it is roughly double that of men. It may not seem obvious to others if someone is experiencing it, but the illness is upsetting and unbearable. Feeling anxious about aspects in life may not be considered as a problem for most people. Just like depression, the number of women who are affected by PTSD is twice as much as men. Women account for at least 65 percent of binge-eating disorder cases. Some women do eat too much to cope with depression. Schizophrenia is an illness that can cause a person to have difficulty in deciding what is real and what is not.

Some research studies in issues related to women’s mental health include: the differences in brain development that provide insights into the treatment and prevention of depression; mood and memory processes in women that may make it harder for them to quit smoking; effects of estrogen on memory, behavior, cognition, and emotion, and particularly how estrogen seems to increase rates of PTSD and depression; genetics specific to women that may contribute to alcoholism. It is important that women recognize the need to have good mental health. No one is exempt in feeling anxious and worried from time to time. But it is easy to notice when a woman is experiencing so, because she may display a negative disposition that may influence her ability to function normally. We all know that most mental health disorders do not have an exact cause. It may result from a combination of life events, genes, brain chemicals, and hormones.

It is not our fault if we experiencing such issues. We should not keep ourselves from it because it will not help us if we do not face it, and often this can lead to the worst outcome. It is better if you reach out to others for help like a psychologist, psychiatrist or even your family. Always keep in mind that mental illness should not be taken lightly, thus, it should be treated immediately. If treatment is successful, you can enjoy your life again.

Jason runs If you have problems with mental health, don’t worry. Help can be found in many places. See more here: Curing Panic Attacks where you can find information on a range of methods. See: panic cure.

Hormones after the Women’s Mental Health

Women really hormones influence mood?

In the last fifteen years in the field of endocrinology great deal of evidence that the loss of estrogen is generally occurring during the menstrual cycle is bringing about changes for women at increased risk for mood, anxiety and greed that has produced disease. Given the prevalence of these diseases in women, we are fortunate to have a better understanding of them.

Women are more than twice as oftenbecome depressed. Research shows that they also suffer more from fear. To develop more phobias. It ‘the same relationship of agoraphobia: almost 8% of women are agoraphobic, compared to only 3% of men. Most succumb to traumatic stress syndrome. Seventy percent of people with social phobia are women. What could be happening here?

The cyclical nature of the secretion of estrogen may represent for the women of “particular vulnerability to mood disorders and anxiety, Dr.Mary Seeman reported in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association’s influence in an analysis of dozens of studies on female hormones psychopathology in men and women.

The theory of “deprivation of estrogen applicants” suggests that a low estrogen state is the beginning or the worsening of mood symptoms in women who are predisposed to drive – because of the already low levels of serotonin – the mood disorders and d ‘ anxiety.

In 1996, researchers at the University of Edinburghpublished a report, the discussion of the molecular level that are experiencing these changes. Affected by estrogen is “a profound impact on mood, mental state and memory” in the hormone psychoprotectant as “natural.” There must be sufficient estrogen in the brain, that is, when receiving the mental stability. Estrogen, the importance of cognitive processes and memory is not an easy thing. It ‘was in fact discovered that neurons in the brain buffer againstDegeneration.

Until the late nineties, the test assembly had begun to show a unique and persistent hormone after almost all mental disorders in women. For example, the binging behavior in bulimics and diarrhea during premenstruum, when estrogen levels get worse . Sun has panic attacks in women with panic disorder. Impulse interference seemed even worse this week or ten days before the deadline – kleptomaniacs escapades continued to steal moretrichotillomaniacs more hair, leather cutters to cut the skin stretched .. All these diseases are linked to serotonin dysfunction, and, as we have seen, serotonin and estrogen are inextricably linked.

In the nineties, a Canadian psychologist, Barbara Sherwin, it was very interesting to carry out studies on the loss of estrogen affects the knowledge and memory. I went to Toronto to spend a day with Dr. Sherwin in his office at McGill University. I needed a mini-course of estrogen and she was willing toGive it to me.

Since the beginning of fetal life hormone receptors in the hypothalamus of the brain first. It is here that the organization of brain circuits, the requirements for puberty, regulating subsequent adult sexual behavior and control the frequency and intensity of emotional disturbances. Research in neuroendocrinology has to tell us a lot about the hardship of pre-menopausal women, who used to think that the result of women’s pain over the loss of fertility. NowE ‘known that the mood and cognitive changes are experts in physical origin.

Estrogen affects mood. What I had not known until the conversation with Dr. Sherwin is that to produce serotonin in the brain needs estrogen. I have not even announced that the estrogen in the brain. “There are estrogen receptors in various organs throughout the body, including the brain,” he said. “Consequently, the loss of estrogen makes many different physical symptoms – loss of elasticity of the skin, bonesConstriction, mood and cognitive decline. “

When estrogen levels increase, on the other hand, as in the first week after menstruation, increasing their overall impact on the amount of serotonin in the spaces between nerve cells in the brain cells. The mood improved. Within the brain, estrogen may act in fact as a natural antidepressant and mood stabilizer.

Dr. Sherwin has led me to the work of researchers, the important research base, including Bruce McEwen of RockefellerInstitute in New York, and Joseph LeDoux at New York University, the discovery of the molecular changes that support the view that estrogen had a profound impact on the mind and its capabilities.

It was not long after my visit to Dr. Sherwin, I learned an important contribution to the value of ten years from studies book, estrogens, serotonin and affective disorders: Where is the therapeutic bridge? Two researchers from the Perinatal and Reproductive Psychiatry Program at the Harvard Medical Schoolwas essentially the same question I had: What is the link hormone to the mental health of women? was motivated Joffe and Cohen one hundred twenty five studies examined the relationship between women’s reproductive hormonal changes, and their mental state. in study after study, they found that women with histories of depression seem more prone to recurrent episodes during periods of “significant reproductive endocrinologyChange.

Correlation does not prove causality. The fact that someone is morbidly depressed for the day of ovulation begins and remains so until the day that does not begin to try the bleeding drops of estrogen that premenstrual mood swings, but damn well raise suspicions. According to information provided by new imaging methods has been added to the mix was the case for a spiritual connection to the hormone’s weakness for women ‘as close as possible to an open and shut caseIt is likely that you get. Neuro-imaging has greatly improved our understanding shows the flashing light, when the activity in different parts of the brain, what was called the dark “that time of the month.”

And ‘the dance between the two types of hormones, ovarian hormones and hormones of the brain that ultimately determined, as is symptomatic of a particular woman has during her menstrual cycle, and in other parts of the reproductive risk. For example, if a woman is geneticallyencoded at a low or borderline levels of serotonin in the brain of estrogen drops occurs menstruation everything you need to send a spiral of serotonin below the optimal level of functioning, from a mental condition disturbing that for all their symptoms disappear mysteriously as soon as he began his estrogen levels and to trace

Why is it so? Since the serotonin it needs for its metabolism of estrogen in the brain. The two hormones are a dynamic duo, the operationArm. Falls, as the levels of estrogen, this serotonin. When estrogen increases (as, for example, begins as soon as menstruation), the levels of serotonin immediately return with him, and calm was restored. The ebb and flow of menstruation is orchestrated moods of woman ‘, not by the moon, but by secretions in his brain and ovaries. What we know is that sometimes the negative results of these changes in the secretion is not inevitable. Just as science has learned to changes in insulin and changes in the thyroid, the changemay change now, changes in the ovaries. If you do not want your mood on your ovaries blame the blame on the brain. Blame it on what you like, do not resign themselves to suffer the view that women are born.

For me it is fascinating that the pieces of this puzzle were not important to us twenty years ago. And the effect of dynamite that has the pieces together, occurred only in the last ten years. Based on previous knowledge and assemblyImage step by step, an endocrinologist at places such as the Neuropsychiatric Institute in California, and sexual organs Mood Disorder Program at the University of Texas Medical Center have understood that women not only at risk during premenstruum are vulnerable to all reproductive risk points. Furthermore, a woman who suffers from one of these points is subject to danger is always a symptom of another. If it is a genetic low serotonin in the brain,Estrogen drops going to affect them, simple.

Things have taken place since then in turn, enlightened, thank God, but we are only now beginning to understand what is really happening, women, mental well-being during times of stress hormones. Especially the scientists, including psychiatrists and reproductive endocrinologists like Barbara Sherwin, a unique and important contribution to the wave of research, which currently designing a whole newParadigm for understanding the role of hormonal changes in the female creates well-being and mental state.

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