Healthy Girl Introduces Nutritious Alternatives to Unhealthy Recipes

(PRWEB) January 21, 2010 is a new Web site that aims to help women and their families embark on the path to healthy eating and living. Healthy Girl provides healthy alternatives to recipes traditionally prepared with ingredients high in calories. Her recipes are the culmination of extensive research conducted on food, nutrition and the human body.

Mandy (Healthy Girl), the site?s founder, began experimenting with her favorite recipes in an effort to shed a few pounds. After trying a few diets with little success, Mandy realized that what she needed most was not a diet change, but a lifestyle transformation. By making just minor changes to dishes she already enjoyed, Mandy could still prepare her favorite meals and not feel guilty. She is excited to share her tips and advice on her Web site and to allow other families to enjoy the same meals.

The site highlights important aspects of a healthy diet, including a grocery list, weekly sweets, healthy morning meals and grocery staples that all kitchens should include.

Healthy girl focuses on six major points when creating healthy recipes: (1) Ensuring the recipe is full of healthy ingredients, (2) Making sure the recipe is tasty, (3) Making sure the portion size is big enough to be filling, (4) Ensuring the recipe should is easy to make, especially when preparing for children, (5) Having a recipe containing everyday ingredients that can be easily found in any supermarket and (6) Having dinner entr