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Park City, UT (PRWEB) January 19, 2012

There’s more to breast augmentation than meets the eye.  Just ask Terrye Tebbetts, co-author of The Best Breast.


While breast augmentation can improve the size, shape and appearance of a woman’s contours by redefining sagging breasts and restoring lost volume, there are aspects of the surgery which consumers sometimes neglect to consider.


“Know what’s out there, know what’s available and don’t settle for less,” says Tebbetts.  “Go beyond one Google search, one forum or one book.  You’re about to change your body forever.  Educating yourself will help you make the best decisions.” agrees.


The website is keen on promoting preparation as a key ingredient to success with plastic surgery.  Tebbetts’ insights punctuate a recent article outlining the steps consumers should take to prepare – both physically and emotionally – for breast augmentation.


“Heredity, pregnancy, mastectomies and other surgeries impact women’s bodies,” says Shawn Miele of  “Yet, they still want to live life to the fullest and should.  Terrye has helped us deliver critical information in a way that’s highly relatable.”


With topics from “Anesthesia, etc.” to “Should I Make This Decision Alone,” the article provides breast augmentation candidates with a realistic set of tools they can use to make an informed decision before scheduling surgery.


“We always want consumers to put their health, safety and well being first.  We do that by encouraging them to think outside the box, fully educate themselves and seek out plastic surgeons who understand their unique needs, risks and benefits,” says Miele.


Miele adds that, “Teaming up with Terrye was a no-brainer.  She has a tremendous amount of clinical experience and currently serves as patient educator for Dr. John B. Tebbetts.  She is passionate about educating others and passionate about meeting patients’ needs.”


“Knowledge gives you power,” explains Tebbetts.


A sampling of the down-to-earth, breast augmentation advice Terrye dishes out in this article includes:

-“If a surgeon says yes to everything you want, run the other way.”
-“The best advice for a loved one is to be supportive and ask questions.”
-“Going to consults without knowledge is a waste of time and money.”

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New Study: Meditation Helps Women with Breast Cancer

Fear, anxiety and confusion often accompany the diagnosis of cancer or any life threatening disease. Being able to take control of one’s emotions and navigate through treatment options and life style changes is essential for a speedy recovery. For managing stress and finding the inner strength to deal with a serious illness, many women find that learning Transcendental Meditation is a key factor. Not only does effective meditation provide deep relaxation and calm, but also better intuition and clarity of mind to face the challenges of fighting for one’s life. A recent study gives encouragement for women with breast cancer for improving their ability to manage stress and find solace from within.

A study published in the  peer-reviewed Integrative Cancer Therapies (Vol. 8, No. 3: September 2009), “The Effects of Transcendental Meditation on Women with Breast Cancer” found reduced stress and improved mental health and emotional well being through their practice of the technique.  The study was a collaboration between the Center for Healthy Aging at Saint Joseph Hospital; the Institute for Health Services, Research and Policy Studies at Northwestern University; the Department of Psychology at Indiana State University; and the Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management.

“It is wonderful that physicians now have a range of interventions to use, including Transcendental Meditation, to benefit their patients with cancer,” said Rhoda Pomerantz, M.D., study co-author and chief of gerontology, Saint Joseph Hospital. “I believe this approach should be appreciated and utilized more widely.”

The one-hundred-and-thirty women with breast cancer, 55 years and older, who participated in the two-year study at Saint Joseph Hospital were randomly assigned either the Transcendental Meditation technique or to a usual care control group. Patients were administered quality of life measures, including the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Breast, every six months for two years. The average intervention period was 18 months.

Since emotional and psychosocial stress contribute to the onset and progression of breast cancer and cancer mortality, the Transcendental Meditation technique provides an effective technique to reduces stress and improves emotional well-being and mental health in breast cancer patients, the study found. Having a technique to experience inner silence and timelessness can alleviate the sense of helplessness women often feel in the face of a life threatening disease. Transcendental Meditation is an effortless technique and doesn’t require any belief system or ability to concentrate or focus.

“The women in the study found their meditation practice easy to do at home and reported significant benefits in their overall quality of life. Decades of research have shown that stress contributes to the cause and complications of cancer,” said Robert Schneider, M.D., F.A.C.C., co-author and director of Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management. “The data from this well-designed clinical trial and related studies suggest that effective stress reduction with the Transcendental Meditation program may be useful in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer and its deleterious consequences.”

Facts on Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women—and remains a leading cause of death. Breast cancer incidence in the United States is 1 in 8 (about 13%).

In 2008, an estimated 250,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in women in the U.S.  Women above the age of 50 have nearly four times the incidence compared to women under 50. Newly diagnosed and long-term survivors are affected by impairment in quality of life, including emotional, physical, functional, social, and spiritual domains. Psychosocial stress contributes to the onset, progression, and mortality from this disease.

Clinical diagnosis of breast cancer increases psychological distress, with sustained distress occurring during cancer treatment and continuing long-term.

There have been an increasing number of women using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for female-specific cancers. In terms of breast cancer, recent studies indicate that CAM use among women may be as high as 90 percent.

As more and more women search for natural remedies for treatment of breast cancer, the Transcendental Meditation technique offers a foundation of inner peace and healing to aid faster recovery from disease. Since it is taught in a professional setting with one-on-one guidance and follow up, women suffering from a serious illness can be sure they are learning an authentic meditation whose benefits have been validated by scientific research. Families may also benefit from the practice as they feel the impact of stress and worry almost as much or more than the cancer patient. Dealing with a crisis requires a level head and patience that stress and tension can undermine. The introduction of Transcendental Meditation as an adjunct therapy in treating cancer is an encouraging sign, indicating the rise of integrative medicine—the medicine of the future.

Written by JeanneBall

Breast Cancer: Alternative Remedies that Work

Women concerned with the possibility of getting breast cancer do have some natural alternative treatments that they can easily implement in an effort to fend off the onset of breast cancer.  Meanwhile, women that have already developed breast cancer can use certain natural remedies to minimize the effects of traditional medical treatments for breast cancer, as well.  A number of herbal remedies and natural remedies can help to alleviate the dangerous side effects one might experience.  While an attempt at prevention is highly recommended, if you are a woman that has already been diagnosed with breast cancer it is never too late to turn to alternative remedies in an effort to make a complete recovery from breast cancer onset.

For women looking to fend off breast cancer, boosting the immune system is in order.  Of course, a good immune system boosting supplement is excellent for women that have already developed breast cancer as well.  One recommended supplement can be identified in the Maitake mushroom, which can be consumed in a tea.  The Maitake mushroom enhances immune system functioning, because the Maitake mushroom has beta-glucans.  Maitake mushrooms are also available in dried form, in capsule form, in powdered form, and as a liquid so the mushroom is relatively easy to consume.

The well-appreciated herb known as Ginseng is another recommended supplement for those seeking to fend off breast cancer onset.  Ginseng is an herb that is available in liquid or capsule form and it is known for its immunological boosting properties.  Ginseng is also appreciated for its anti-tumor properties too.  Studies reveal that women who actually consumed Ginseng before being officially diagnosed with the disease had a higher breast cancer survival rate than those women who did not consume Ginseng before being diagnosed.  Ginseng also delivers additional benefits too; the herb is fantastic for treating issues with depression and hormonal imbalances as well.

A superlative all natural remedy for fighting the onset of breast cancer can be identified in acupuncture.  Acupuncture is believed to restore the body’s natural energy flow in one’s body so that optimal health can be restored as well.  Some women opt for acupuncture treatments while enduring chemotherapy treatments too since acupuncture helps to minimize the harmful side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments.  If considering acupuncture, you might also benefit from other all natural remedies like Chromotherapy, which is a restoration of the body’s natural energies via exposure to specific colored lighting.

If seeking a truly invigorating form of improving one’s health and one might consider either investing in a sauna or using a sauna at the local gym or spa.  Sauna treatments aid in detoxifying the body, cleansing away impurities, boosting the immune system, and giving the user of the sauna a general, overall sense of well being.  Of course, the sauna user also gets the additional perk of treating bodily aches, pains, and muscle tensions too, and the act of de-stressing and completely unwinding in a sauna helps to improves one’s health in myriad ways.

Written by R. Reichert
Robin Reichert is an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant.