Determining Your Needs: A Health Spa or a Hospital?

Sick WomanIn today’s society, women find themselves operating in various capacities: heads of households, business owners, wives, mothers, single mothers, etc.  Often times, operating in these capacities can be overwhelming and can lead to health problems.  These problems can manifest themselves in various ways, such as stress, exhaustion or fatigue, eating disorders, joint pains, and others.  Do you find yourself experiencing one or all of these health-related problems?  If you do, determine your need.  Do you need to go to a health spa or a hospital?

If you have determined that your health problem(s) is not a matter of life and death, women’s health spas, sometimes called medical spas, can be a great choice for you.  These spas offer various treatments in their facilities that help to improve your health and lifestyle.


Remember, not all spas offer the same treatment.  Please do your research before-hand in order to determine which spa will be beneficial to you.  The following will list a few of the numerous treatments that health or medical spas offer:

1.  Balneotherapy and Hydrotherapy – These are water or bath treatments for various diseases.  These therapies are generally for relieving pain: back and joint pain, arthritis, etc.

2.  Message – In a credible facility this is performed by a registered massage therapist.  Done properly this treatment relieves stress and fatigue in the body.

3.  Detox – This treatment cleanse the body from different toxins.  When treated, people usually experience some weight loss, a gain in energy, and less stressful.

4.  Skin Care – This treatment includes facials, laser, BOTOX, or any other method to produce healthy skin or to avoid aging of the skin (anti-aging).

5.  Cancer – This treatment focus on nutrition.

6.  Wellness – Health screenings are performed.

Treatment Price

The cost of the treatment depends on the treatment package that you require and the region that the facility is located (Abroad or US).  Treatment abroad is usually cheaper than in the United States.  Get a quote!  If you have health insurance, check to see if your required treatment is covered under your plan.

Finally, if your condition is a matter of life and death, go to a hospital to seek treatment.  And after you have had your treatment from a health spa and your condition has not improved or has gotten worse, seek help elsewhere.  Don’t keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.  You are important, to you and others in your life, so take care of yourself by maintaining good health.


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